Dear judge:

Thank you for the generous gift of your time in judging a portion of our annual contest.

This login has given you access to all entries that representatives from your chapter or region have agreed to judge. Please evaluate only the entries your state’s contest coordinator has assigned. If you have specific questions concerning which entries you should judge, please contact your judging coordinator.

Please submit your judging decisions by  April 15, 2023.

How To Judge

Click on the tab above that says "judge excellence in journalism awards entries."  Select the categories you have been assigned. 

The category description will appear at the top of the page. The entries will be listed at the bottom. Select each entry to view any documents or links. You can add your own notes in the "Judging Notes" field. These will not be passed on to the chapter. 

Once you have read through all the entries, select the winners on the main category page, using the drop-down menus at the right.  

You may award one winner for first, second and honorable mention. There should not be any ties. If there is only one entry per category, you should determine if it meets the standards of a first-place winner. If it does not, you should indicate that there is no winner.

Please submit a sentence explaining why the first-place winner deserves the award.

Questions? Problems?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: Jodie Mozdzer Gil, judging coordinator, at, or CTSPJ President Viktoria Sundqvist at

Thank you for your time and assistance in recognizing Connecticut’s best work.

The Connecticut SPJ Contest Committee